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Introducing Others

It is very common that you want to introduce one person to another. It could be introducing a girlfriend or boyfriend to your parents, a friend to another friend or a work colleague to your brother. It is important we know how to do this with ease.

In this situation you have an introducer (yourself) and two introducees (the two people who you want to meet who have not met each other before).

Common Introduction Phrases When Introducing Someone Else

Frank meet Jasmin. Jasmin meet Frank.

Frank this is Jasmin. Jasmin this is Frank.

These are very basic, casual introductions.

Frank, have you met Jasmin?

This introduction is also basic. However, it can be used in a formal or casual situation. Here you are questioning if Frank and Jasmin have met, but it is also used as an introduction. You can use this as an introduction or as assurance that Frank and Jasmin have met.

I would like you to meet Frank.

I'd like you to meet Frank.

I would like to introduce you to Frank.

I'd like to introduce you to Frank.

These introduction phrases are more formal. This is a way of presenting someone to another person. Here, we are presenting and introducing Frank to Jasmin. We contract I would to I'd. Remember, contractions make the conversation faster.

I would like you to meet my brother, Frank.

This is my friend, Jasmin.

These introductions are more informative as you are telling the person your relationship with the person you are introducing to them. Here, we are introducing Frank as a brother and Jasmin as a friend.