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Uncountable Nouns - Definitions

Uncountable Nouns

  • She had spilled water everywhere!
  • The class has a lot of information to process.
  • Martin has enough money to pay for lunch.
  • We are going to eat rice with dinner.
  • There was a fire in our apartment and now we have to buy new furniture.
  • We have had a month of terrible weather.
  • Michael is in pain.
  • We should have enough food for the party.
  • You should listen to her advice.
  • The rain is good for the farmers.
  • Mathematics can be difficult for some and easy for others.
  • Success is not luck.
    • His uncle is very good at chess.
    • The snow is melting.
    • This gentleman can give you some information about the case.
    • I understand you have been studying hard, you have made a lot of progress.
    • There isn't enough sugar for me to make the cake.
    • Has the printer got any ink?
    • With adulthood come responsibilities.
    • I want to eat dessert.
    • Before going into business you must seek advice.
    • Do you do any housework?
    • She thanked them for their kindness.
    • Good quality products last longer than cheap quality products.