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Reflexive Pronouns

  • Myself
  • I enjoyed myself at the concert.
  • I can see myself as a doctor in five years time.
  • Yourself
  • Don’t hurt yourself.
  • You can't blame yourself.
  • Himself
  • He burnt himself on the stove.
  • James pinched himself.
  • Herself
  • She should be proud ofherself.
  • She saw herself in the mirror.
  • Itself
  • The dog licked itself.
  • It saw itself in the mirror.
  • Yourselves
  • Did you wash the car yourselves?
  • Do you clean the house yourselves?
  • Ourselves
  • We did it ourselves.
  • We bought ourselves lunch.
  • Themselves
  • John and Sandra painted the house themselves.
  • The children need to behave themselves.