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More than 1 billion people worldwide speak English and more than 50% of the Internet is in English. You can understand why learning English will benefit you.

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Present Simple Tense - Affirmative Form

  • I am
  • I am tall.
  • First person singular
  • You are
  • You are a doctor.
  • Second person singular
  • You are
  • You are very good at English.
  • Second person plural
  • He is
  • He is my friend.
  • Third person singular
  • She is
  • She is my cousin.
  • Third person singular
  • It is
  • It is cold today.
  • Third person singular
  • We are
  • We are happy to be learning.
  • Third person plural
  • They are
  • They are out with their friends.
  • Third person plural